Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know if I need therapy?

If you are finding that your relationships in life are unsatisfying, or if past issues keep reappearing in your current life, it may be a good time to seek out therapy. If you find that it is getting harder and harder just to get through life, or if you can’t find success no matter how hard you try, therapy may be right for you. People come into therapy for a variety of reasons – family issues, mental health issues, past issues, or just the desire to discover themselves more deeply. Whatever is leading you to seek therapy at this time is a valid reason, and one that you and I together will work with to help you find what you are seeking in life.

How do I know if my child needs therapy?
If your child seems withdrawn, irritable, unhappy or different from their normal self, it may indicate that this is a good time to seek therapy. Angry, acting out children most often catch the attention of parents and school staff, but children who are overly compliant, too eager to please, or who obsess over little things often will benefit from therapy as well. If you have a sense that things are not quite right for your child, it may be helpful to schedule them for an evaluation. With adolescents, especially, a drop in grades, a change in peer group, withdrawal from school activities, problems with sleep or energy level can all indicate an underlying problem. Arguing with parents may not in itself indicate a problem, as this is a common part of adolescent development, but arguing to the point where there is violent acting out (throwing things, hitting walls or people) or running away indicate a strong need for therapy.

Do you take insurance?
I am on many insurance panels and am a preferred provider for some insurance plans. Even if I am not currently a preferred provider for your insurance, many plans reimburse for out of network providers. Please contact me and I can help you find out what your insurance plan will cover.

How long will I need to be in therapy?
That will be something that will be entirely up to you. Some people feel much better about their lives and have clarity about what they need to do within a few sessions. Others may desire therapy for a year or more. Still other come in for short episodes of treatment – coming every week for a few months, then ending when things are going well, but returning to therapy as needed later in life when new issues may come up. I will work with you to find out what you are looking for, and I will help you find it in a way that meets your needs.